Trendline Interactive is a Strategic Email Marketing Agency

Our team of experts have integrated and implemented email marketing programs at some of the largest and most well-respected brands in the world. Our global experience runs deep in both B2C and B2B programs. We have been on the client and agency side for many years and can offer proven methodologies to bridge the gaps between different groups within your organization.

While we consider ourselves email experts, we know email is only a part of the overall customer experience that needs to be integrated into a broader marketing and content strategy. As we align our expertise to suit your needs, we will ask questions to understand where you are and where you want to go. Then, we will take the necessary measures to ensure that you meet your goals.

Trendline Interactive, we go beyond best practices. We understand that each organization is unique and that “industry best practices” don’t always apply. Standing out in the inbox requires innovation. We apply best practices where necessary and we re-invent them in order to put you ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you with:


Trendline Dip

You’re at a dip.

• Limited resources and market changes
• Employee turnover or downsizing
• Poor integrated marketing and cross-channel communication

Countless factors can cause a company’s profitability to decline – some out of your control, others a result of internal circumstances. We’ll work with you to identify these factors and position your company in an upward trajectory.


You’re at a high point.

• Trailblazing in a new field
• Improved product offerings
• Capitalizing on consumer trends

Keeping up with the growth is a challenge. Moreover, success makes you the bull’s eye of competitors. Fighting the complacency of success and staying atop the competition means being vigilant of internal processes, encroaching competition and as always consumer demands. Our strategic experts will assist you with short and long-term planning, finding means of monetization and building the necessary infrastructure to keep up with the pace of growth.

Trendline High Point


Trendline Starting Off

You’re just starting off.

• Establishing your first email marketing program
• Launching a new branch within the company
• Considering the prospects of new channels or tactics

If you’re nervous about messing up or feeling inadequate with the task facing you, you’re normal. You’ve done the hardest part in taking the first steps. Now, if you’re wondering where to go next, Trendline will pull together the best team suited for your particular needs as we help you build your company and brand.


You’ve flat-lined, plateaued.

• Customer lifetime value stalled
• Stagnate innovation and/or production
• Automated programs dissolved into lifelessness

Predictability isn’t always a positive when you’re predictably average. If you’ve tried, but you can’t seem to get over the hump, if you’re not performing poorly, but you’re not performing well, Trendline will provide the outside perspective and know-how that will give your company the jolt it needs.

Trendline Best Practice

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