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The Big Data Secret of SXSW Parties

SXSWi is right around the corner.  It is *scary* close.  As we run around frantically trying to plan meetings, add panels to our calendars, and get social strategies planned, we’re bombarded with party invites.  How on Earth do we handle this problem? You might have guessed that this post has to do with data?  Party […]

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The Trendies – Black Friday Winners: Part 3

In part 3 of our Trendie Series, I want to highlight a couple of emails with a social flair.  Social flair is not something to mess around with if you don’t know what you are doing or if your audience is not social savvy.  That said, these organizations did a little something different and whether […]

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The October Trendie goes too….

Over the last 13-15 months, many brands have been sending emails to build fans and followers in the social channels.  Social Experts and studies have confirmed that just because you have a large fan or follower base does not guarantee loyalty or even consistent brand awareness. Companies have sent and continue to send dedicated emails […]

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Eight Ways To Integrate Email With Facebook And Twitter

Last week, prediction number two of Tim Ferriss’ 4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2011 was “The Full Resurrection of Email.” Groupon’s $6 billion valuation has shined its light on the value of permission marketing. Now permission marketing is capturing the imagination of angel investors and investment bankers all over again.

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Leveraging Social Media for Email Acquisition – 3 Simple Tips

Nearly every email conference, white paper, blog post and webcast today is focused in some part on the use/leveraging the power of social media. Social CRM scares the heck out of marketers and its especially true when you start talking about the ability to integrate your social strategy with your email marketing efforts. Flip the […]

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New Facebook Feature Encourages Spamming reported last night – and Trendline Interactive has confirmed – that Facebook has added a tool called “Contact Importer for Pages” that gives the ability for Facebook page admins to upload a file in “Outlook, Constant Contact, .CSV, etc..” format to send invitations to their “Fans” (isn’t that a Facebook term?) to “Like” them […]

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Why 70% of Facebook ‘Fans’ Don’t Want Marketing, and What You Can Do About It

This summer, I directed research on consumers’ attitudes toward marketing. We surveyed more than 2,300 consumers and interviewed nearly 100 people on the street. Among our findings was that 70% of consumers who visit Facebook at least once a month and are a “fan” of at least one company or brand don’t believe they have […]

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Why Social, Mobile, and Email Are BFFs (Not Archenemies)

In the technology industry, we constantly focus on the next big thing. It started with computers, which were going to do away with paper. Then came Internet shopping, which was going to do away with catalogs and (gasp!) going to an actual store. Then email came, which threatened to replace letters.

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Are your consumers Facebook-first or email-first?

As part of an ongoing research project looking for insight into consumers’ online priorities, ExactTarget asked a simple question: “Where is the first place you go online when you first login in a typical day?” We found that 58 percent of online consumers check their email first, compared to the 11 percent who start their […]

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Social Vs. Email: It’s The Wrong Debate

Earlier this month, fellow Email Insider columnist Elie Ashery wrote “Social Media Vs. Email: The Debate Continues.” Elie’s right that there is a social vs. email debate going on; however, I’m not sure it’s a valid debate.  In fact, casting it as a debate makes it sound like marketers need to choose sides when, in […]

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