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The Big Data Secret of SXSW Parties

SXSWi is right around the corner.  It is *scary* close.  As we run around frantically trying to plan meetings, add panels to our calendars, and get social strategies planned, we’re bombarded with party invites.  How on Earth do we handle this problem? You might have guessed that this post has to do with data?  Party […]

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How To Tell What Type Of Community You Have

  Communities is one of those buzz words that has made its way onto everyone’s webpage.  Are we really talking about the same thing?  The traditional definition of communities doesn’t fit too well in today’s context as the internet has made anonymous and physically separated communities possible. This post won’t deal with all the psychological […]

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How to Turn Dealhound Email Subscribers into Loyal Ambassadors

It should be no surprise that many email subscribers are in it for the deals and promotions. While you might not think that these types of subscribers would be championing your brand, you might want to open up your mind. Email acquisition through deals and promotion is an obvious extrinsic motivational tactic. Here are some […]

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What I Learned This Summer – An Intern’s Perspective on Email Marketing

My time here at Trendline went by way too fast. I am grateful for the people I worked with and learned from. I came into Trendline as an individual who knew little about email marketing programs but am leaving as a new man. I would like to personally thank every member of the Trendline family […]

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Back to the Basics – An Interns Final Post

The definition of an internship is, “an official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession”. It’s an opportunity for someone without experience to gain knowledge and learn new skills. I was excited to get as much as possible from this experience but I was also hoping to make an impact […]

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Surviving College Without A Mobile Phone? Are You Kidding?

My time here at Trendline Interactive has been one of the most educational, challenging and enjoyable opportunities that I have engaged in during my college tenure. Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Tanner, and I was brought on to the Trendline team as a research intern this summer . As […]

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Email From A Fresh Perspective

The New Intern… My name is Cynthia Velasco and I am one of the new interns here at Trendline Interactive.  In August I will be a senior at The University of Texas at Austin, studying marketing and advertising. I have been lucky enough to have my first taste of the “real world” here at Trendline. I have gained […]

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The Best Marketing Advice I Ever Received, and the Best I Ever Gave.

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of contributing to a new white paper that I would love for you to read and comment on.  It comes from our  friends and colleagues over at Silverpop and its called: The Best Marketing Advice I Ever Received, and the Best I Ever Gave: 5 Experts Share Their […]

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Andrew Kordek………….Down Under 2

Trendline’s Chief Strategist is back from down under, but not before he decided to record his final thoughts about his trip in Melbourne before he left. Cheers Mate.

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How is Consumer Content Consumption Changing?

We know that the amount of content available to consumers has increased dramatically in recent years. The dramatic increase in supply, combined with consumers’ ability to easily search for content through search engines like Google and Bing, has fueled a corresponding increase in consumer demand for immediate answers, i.e., content. If we focus on the […]

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