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Are you having issues with AOL?

I was monitoring sends across all of our clients on Tuesday and noticed in the bounce reports that AOL was having some issues with certain blocks.  As I investigated it further, I found that they were 554 RTR:GE blocks which according to the AOL Postmaster site are “a transient error indicating a technical issue on […]

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Happy Unbirthday from @brooksrunning

I think it goes without saying that the key to any successful email program is offering something that is unique and interesting to the subscriber.  When programs piggyback creativity with triggered email tied to purchases, interactions and other types of behavior, the likelihood of success grows.  In fact, there has been research that says that […]

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November Speaking

At the beginning of 2013, I made a conscious decision to pull back a good portion of my appearances/public speaking at webcasts and conferences.  I made this decision for a few reasons, but at the top was the fact that I wanted to concentrate on growing Trendline as well take a mental break from trying […]

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Approaches For Gmail Tabsapalooza

Gmail’s new Tabbed Inbox, and what it means for marketers, has been the hot topic in email/digital these past several months.  There have been many blog posts, webcasts, whitepapers and at least one site put up as a result of hack-a-thon to determine if your brand has been affected by this change.  Most email strategists […]

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Even Google Offers Goes To The Promotional Tab.

If you are freaking out over Gmail Tabs, imagine what it would be like to be the Director Of Email Marketing at Google Offers?  Google Offers’ email goes to the promotion tab where it belongs, but you wonder if they are considering sending out a dedicated email to have users move it to their primary […]

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Like Email Marketing? We’re Hiring.

Trendline is growing and we want you.  If you are passionate about life, email marketing and working with great clients, head on over to our careers section to check out if there is a position that fits with your goals.  If you want to know a little bit about working here, check out our culture […]

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Content Is King. Now What?

If you’ve read anything about social media, permission-based marketing and/or Web 2.0, you’ve doubtless heard the maxim “Content is king.” And, if you work in any field other than marketing or publishing, your reaction to that adage is probably some variation of, “Great. What does that have to do with me and my business?” Content […]

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Follow Me On Twitter…So Say You In That Email

If your brand is looking for new ways to promote your twitter presence in email, look no further than @CallawayGolf ‘s email and what they do towards the footer of their email.  The key takeaways here: Make it more than just about your main twitter handle. Make it human by including the avatars of those […]

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If Spam Were Delivered By Real People

Sometimes when you take online things and make them a part of a story/IRL, its pretty darn funny.  Enjoy.

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