Deliverability Optimization

The difference between getting an email delivered to the inbox or not is revenue.  It doesn’t matter how relevant the message is or how great the email looks, it only matter if it gets to the inbox.  Email deliverability is complex and the landscape is dynamic and volatile.  Your messages absolutely, positively have to get through and Trendline can help.

Email deliverability is about being both proactive and reactive.  It takes time, patience and most of all, thought leaders, to evaluate, analyze, and implement a consistent plan to get your messages where they need to be.

Trendline deliverability services include:

  • Evaluation of your mailing infrastructure set up
  • List quality and permissions
  • Authentication review
  • Bounce and abuse management
  • Sender Reputation
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • International privacy and permission expertise
  • ISP Remediation
  • ISP Whitelisting Recommendations & Guidance
  • Strategic guidance on deliverability issues
  • Full deliverability audits
  • Regular deliverability monitoring & support

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