Trendline Interactive is a email-centric marketing consultancy focused on developing messaging programs based on actionable customer insights. What they want. When they want it. And how they want it.

Email Marketing

Its simple: We “get” email marketing. We’ve run email programs on both the agency and client side for multiple Fortune 500 companies. This email heritage drives our understanding of how to develop and deliver messages that move customers to action. We implement everything from simple to complex email marketing programs and we know how to make messages to stand out in the inbox. We also know email doesn’t live in a vacuum—email is part of the overall marketing mix.

Messaging Strategy

There is no such thing as a siloed consumer. People text with their friends, check Facebook and catch up on email, all while watching the season finale of Glee.
We move consumers along the path from awareness to advocacy by delivering actionable, customer-derived insights that lead straight to communication programs, changes in business strategy or even new products and services. Learn more >>

Insights & Consulting

At a time when everyone is scrambling to keep up, fend off the competition and deal with changing consumer behaviors that are challenging existing business models, pursuing best practices isn’t good enough. Our unique insights are rooted in practical experience and ongoing research on media trends. We combine the most sophisticated research methods with the creativity, originality and innovation required to turn information into competitive advantage. Learn more >>

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