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Apple’s Passbook is a big deal for Email Marketing

Here at Trendline, we are very focused on making email and mobile work together. One key aspect of that is working with and launching apps from emails on popular smartphone operating systems like iOS and Android. When the iPhone 5 drops and iOS 6 adoption increases, email marketers will be happier than the Apple fanboys. […]

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Email Design for the Macbook Pro with Retina Display

After a month on my new Macbook Pro with Retina Display, “reading” about 300-400 HTML emails a day, I’ve got some early thoughts for you on the implications for email design on this new desktop paradigm. (Email Clients used for this post: Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Sparrow, and Webmail clients through Safari) It’s not […]

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Optimize your Email Campaigns for Sparrow with a Gravatar

Sparrow is an email client that offers some great new features for email users, and email marketers. Sparrow, a popular email client for iOS and the Mac, is growing in popularity and has some great features that are a welcome addition to the stagnant universe of email clients, most notably – avatars. As you can […]

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How to add a “Pin It” Button to your Email Campaign

(Getting a lot of questions on this recently, so I thought I would throw up a quick blog post to direct people to.) If you want to test out having users “Pin” content from your email on Pinterest, here is how to build the url that will sit behind the “Pin it” button: We’ll create […]

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If a great email falls in the inbox and no one opens it, does it make a sound?

Not a super lengthy post here, just something quick I wanted to show you about creative, strategy, and execution happening in silos instead of working together. I almost deleted a great email tonight… The only reason I paused before deleting this email in Gmail was that I used to be in a band with a […]

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iOS 5 & Email Marketing – Part 1

Since the release of iOS 5, Apple’s new software for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has been installed on 1 in 3 compatible devices.  We have been analyzing how all of the new features will impact the massively growing number of email marketing campaigns being read on Apple gadgets. For example, one client of Trendline logged […]

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Do your Email Subject Lines have C.U.R.V.E.?

There are 2 ways you can look at the practice of writing Subject Lines – an unforgiving onslaught of repetition under duress that drains your creativity and mojo like a vampire from True Blood…OR…an exciting and rewarding challenge that is always teaching you to become a better marketer and communicator. Those of us who choose the […]

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