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How is Consumer Content Consumption Changing?

We know that the amount of content available to consumers has increased dramatically in recent years. The dramatic increase in supply, combined with consumers’ ability to easily search for content through search engines like Google and Bing, has fueled a corresponding increase in consumer demand for immediate answers, i.e., content. If we focus on the […]

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Why Email Is The Ultimate Battle Test For Marketers

The email inbox is a competitive place. Success is not only dependent on stacking up favorably against your competitors in the marketplace; it is dependent on stacking up favorably against every other brand in the inbox.

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Email At The ‘Grown-Ups’ Table

Email started to become widely available in 1993, when services like AOL started to connect their proprietary email systems with the Internet. Not long after that, email marketing began taking shape. Which means that email marketing is approximately 18 years old. Thinking about email marketing in this context can be useful. Email is at its […]

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The prospect of privacy legislation and oversight looms ever-larger in the world of digital media. While the form this takes has yet to be determined, the reality is that people and politicians are becoming more aware of widespread prospects for data harvesting. Self-regulation is all very well, but at a time when all electronic media […]

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Relevance Is Overrated

Marketers, especially email marketers, are obsessed with the topic of relevance. Of course, there are good reasons for this obsession. Messages targeted to subscribers based on their interests yield higher response rates. Too many irrelevant messages increase the likelihood people will unsubscribe from future email messages.

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Are Your Email Numbers Juiced?

As marketers are held to higher and higher standards of accountability, it seems logical for all forms of marketing to be held to higher standards as well. This means many email marketers are going to face tough questions about how their programs are performing.

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Seven Signs You Aren’t Thinking Big Enough

As I continue researching what email subscribers want from companies when they register for email, one theme has come to the forefront that should keep email marketers up at night: Your competition in the inbox is “everyone else.”

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Addressing ‘Channel Promiscuity’

I studied sociology as an undergraduate and then again as a graduate student and I know: Sociologists are fascinated with promiscuity. I don’t believe it is the voyeuristic aspect that draws them to this topic. It’s the challenge. Sociologists can’t get a straight answer if they just ask people about their sexual histories. Their subjects […]

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Eight Ways To Integrate Email With Facebook And Twitter

Last week, prediction number two of Tim Ferriss’ 4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2011 was “The Full Resurrection of Email.” Groupon’s $6 billion valuation has shined its light on the value of permission marketing. Now permission marketing is capturing the imagination of angel investors and investment bankers all over again.

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