• What does your trendline look like?

Trendline Interactive is a Full Service Email Marketing Agency.

We are one of the only agencies in the world dedicated to email marketing. We bring insights from our industry leading research to life through a full suite of strategic, creative and technical services that drive relevant messaging and maximize subscriber value.

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  • Moving Past Best Practices

    Moving Email Past Best Practices

    “We know best practices, but we don''t always follow them. When everyone follows best practice, you''ve merely redefined mediocrity.”

    Our team is made up of experienced email marketers and researchers who have worked at ESP's, agencies, and on the client-side. Simply, we understand email marketing from all angles.

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  • Consumer Motivation

    Finding Consumer Motivation

    Staggering results are closer than you think. Your current customers hold the key to optimizing your email program. The challenge is getting these insights quickly and cost-effectively in order to start delivering messages that they find “helpful,” “informative,” and ” interesting.”

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Moving Past Best Practices